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Hello thanks for visiting my site.

I guess you are wondering who Is this guy? 

Well, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am an artist, musician and designer. 

I grew up drawing, playing music, fixing and making things since I was a kid.

I have been repairing guitars, and other instruments for over thirty years. I have been building instruments for around twenty-five years. Mostly for myself and a small amount of word of mouth clients.

After attending The School Of Visual Arts, during the 80's in NY, I made most of my living as a Designer working in the publishing field. I have designed book covers for Penguin Books, and Worked at Marvel Comics.

Here is a link to some of my publishing design work.

Lets face it, publishing is a shrinking if not dying industry. So after getting laid off from a long term job in educational publishing, I decided to take my guitar craft, and expand my instrument business.Now here I am, currently a one man operation designing and building guitars. (building this website, etc)

My goal is to combine artistry and design with engineering and craftsmanship. I Strive to build the finest playing and sounding guitars available. Combine that with a striking visual presence, that are unique, sometimes retro, with a bit of futurism thrown in.

I will be filling this bio and build philosophy out over time. Check back for updates, more pics, build and repair adventure logs and stuff. I will be trying to fill out content as much as I can when not working on guitars.

Please email me with any questions you have about my instruments



Thank you,